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   Parallel Elections & Exit Polls
Name Date Author Link Description location
2008 Exit Polls - Final Analysis Oct 21, 2009 Richard Hayes Phillips pdf    R &apm;D
2008 Exit Polls - Los Angeles Nov 4 2008   Excel    R &apm;D
2008 County Semi-Final Results   Nov 5th 2008    PDF   R &apm;D
LA_PE2_Results_dl2_06         Excel   R &apm;D
SanDiego Nov 4, 2006   Excel   R &apm;D
Humboldt County Nov 8, 2005   Excel   R &apm;D
LA County Nov 8, 2005   Excel   R &apm;D
Orange County Nov 8, 2005   Excel   R &apm;D
San Diego Primary Apr 17, 2006     Excel   R &apm;D
Laguna Beach, Orange County Dec 6, 2005     Excel   R &apm;D
San Diego Special Mayoral Election Jul 26, 2005     Excel   R &apm;D
Marin County 2006         Excel   R &apm;D
Los Angeles 2006         Excel   R &apm;D