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These handouts can be reproduced and distributed as you find useful.
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Can We Trust Computers  an evaluation of the risks inherent in using omputerized processing in election procedures.
Ten Reasons Why  Top ten reasons why our elections are in real trouble.
Election Justice  a graphic explanation of the importance of Fair and Accurate Elections.

Election Glossaries

We are workoing on our own glossary, until then please refer to these:
By the People 2004 . from PBS.
Elections 2004 Glossary. from US State Dept.
Election. from Wikipedoia - a very comprehensive article..

Articles and Essays

The Theft of Your Vote Is Just a Chip Away, by Thom Hartmann,
Was the 2004 Election Stolen? by Robert F. Kennedy

Jim Crow Revived in Cyberspace, by Martin Luther King III and Greg Palast,
Landslide Denied Exit Polls vs. Vote Count 2006, by Jonathan Simon, JD, and Bruce O’Dell
Fingerprints Of Election Theft: Were Competitive Contests Targeted? by Jonathan Simon, JD, Bruce O’Dell, Dale Tavris, PhD, Josh Mitteldorf, PhD

News, Blogs and Websites

Voters Unite!
Bradblog -- edited by Brad Friedman
Daily Voting News -- edited by John Gideon;
email to: dvn@votersunite.org to subscribe
Black Box Voting
Election Defense Alliance
National Election Integrity Coalition

The Election Justice Center,
      up to date on national reform movements

    Fairness by Beckerman
      Election news with an emphasis on Ohio
    Election 2004 and Election Reform
      a thorough and well-organized guide
Evidence of Electoral Fraud in the 2004 U.S. Presidential Election: A Reading List opednews.com/keefer_111504_readings.htm  

Reports and Fact sheets

Protect California Ballots
      Helping restore honest elections in California.
or email to:
Election Defense Alliance
      A coalition of election integrity activists
      working throughout the nation to defend elections
      against overt and covert manipulation and fraud.
For more information, contact the EDA co-founders:
            Jonathan Simon  617-538-6012
            Sally Castleman   781-454-8700                        
Electronic Voting & Fair Vote Counts:
      15 Expert Reports by Rady Ananda
Myth Breakers, Facts about Electronic Elections,
      by VotersUnite!
      A guide to educate public election officials.
      2005, 62 pages.
No Paper Trail Left Behind:  The Theft of the 2004 Presidential Election
      Excellent analysis and facts
       from the 2004 election, and how
       they add up to a dramatic yet obvious

Florida Op-Scan Systems Hacked Three Ways by BBV Investigators
      Diebold's optical scan software proven to be riddled
      with vote-rigging hacks

Overview of California's voting systems and regulatory history


Preserving Democracy: What Went Wrong in Ohio
      Read the Congressional report that exposed
       the many rights violations of the 2004 election.
      Jan. 5, 2005, 102 pages (pdf file).

      DFA-Temecula Valley
      (Southwest Riverside County, CA)
      Election Integrity volunteers.